Our Curriculum

All children have an entitlement to an education which meets their needs as fully as possible; and schools have a huge responsibility to meet these needs. We make sure we do the best we possibly can for each and every child. We ensure the children are challenged in their learning and that they experience a rich and exciting curriculum.



Our Pre-School which is made up of the Crèche, Playgroup, and Kindergarten are fully Montessori. The Nursery sections follow a blend of Montessori and the British Early Years curriculum. All activities are child-centred. The children have the freedom to explore and discover for themselves through the visual, audio and physical senses. The classroom is well structured for practical exercises and learning is fun working with so many materials.

Our Basic 1-6 classes follow the Nigerian Curriculum, blended with the British Primary Curriculum. This makes our curriculum broad based to accommodate all learning skills necessary at this level. We ensure the skills in the various key stages are fully taught and the levels attained especially in the areas where they are of real advantage to the children e.g. Literacy, Numeracy, Science and ICT. In addition to subjects offered in the Nigerian Curriculum, we have introduced French, Drama, Geography and History.

Our JSS classes now Basic 7-9 follow the Nigerian Curriculum. The School sits both NECO and Lagos State JSCE exams. Our SSS classes follow the Nigerian Curriculum supplemented by the British Curriculum so that in addition to NECO and WAEC exams, our students will have the option of taking the International GCSE exams and Cambridge Checkpoint exams.

This is a popular and exciting addition to the teaching resources of the school. All the traditional English, math and science lessons are supplemented with Interactive white board teaching.

Regular assessment of each child is carried out at the end of each topic taught in order to confirm their understanding of what was taught before the class moves onto other topics. Specifically created assessment tests are given to each class. These tests help us identify any problem areas pupils have and where improvements can be made in the children’s understanding of a topic. The assessments are feed back to parents at parents/teachers evenings, through pupils’ termly reports, or pupil’s pastoral reports. Children who fall below the expected levels of attainment are automatically given extra support lessons.


We believe that children at Basil International Schools deserve the best and that the Curriculum should extend beyond entitlement. "We offer a range of After-School Clubs through which we develop a wide range of skills in the children. The clubs include:

  • Swimming
  • Ballet/Modern Dance
  • Brownies
  • Taekwondo
  • Cookery
  • Art
  • Press
  • Chess
  • Public Speaking
  • Music (children can also have private lessons to learn Musical Instruments)